​Pre K & K Math resources

www.ixl.com This site has a section for every kindergarten math standard.

1.) Demonstrate concepts of number sense by using one-to-one correspondence, counting in sequence by ones from 1 to 20, counting backward from 10, recognizing numerals 0-9, and comparing sets of objects up to 10 by using vocabulary terms including more than, less than, most, or least.

(Check out the kindergarten calendar and numeral activities page, there are some numeral recognition and counting activities)

**Count the Ants**

2.) Demonstrate addition by using numbers totaling 5 or less and subtraction by using numbers less than or equal to 5.

3.) Recognize that a whole object can be divided into parts.

Dividing A Whole

4.) Identify a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter.

Learning About Money

5.) Replicate patterns using concrete objects.

6.) Create combinations of rectangles, squares, circles, and triangles using shapes or drawings.


7.) Identify rectangles, squares, circles, and triangles.

Shapes Resources

8.) Use vocabulary associated with length, height, volume, and weight to compare objects.

9.) Use vocabulary associated with the measurement of time, including words related to clocks and calendars.

10.) Complete data displays such as single-loop Venn diagrams and yes/no charts using real objects, concrete representations, or pictorial representations.

Interactive Bar Graph Sorter

11.) Explain criteria used to sort objects.