4th Grade


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Multiples of 10 Multiplication Review

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Facts & Basic Skills
APlusMath.com - Fact drill practice
ArithmAttack - Timed fact drill practice
Mad Math Minutes - A teacher created fact drill site with custom options
Math Fact Cafe - Pre-made and custom fact sheets
Multiplication.com - Drills, fact sheets, flashcards and more
Count Us In - Understanding basic number concepts
Just the Facts - Educational article with 5 fact games to try
Multiflyer - Multiplication in outer space

Problem Solving
Problem of the Week - Drexel math forum
Aunty Math - Math challenges K-5
Mega-Mathematics - Problems and games
Figure This! - Math challenges for families
Math Stories - Word problems in English and Spanish

Tutorials & Simulations

AAA Math - Skills, interactive problems and explanations
Math Lessons that are Fun - Interactive math lessons
Plane Math - Probelsm dealing with flying
Quia Math - Teacher created lessons and quizzes
Manipulatives - National Library of Manipulatives all interactive
Shodor Interactive Math - Interactive math games - Smartboard
Count On - Activities, games, simulations, and more
Plot the Robot - Calcuatlor and arithmetic work in a game format


Fraction Peices - Interactive circles and squares
13 Ways of 1/2 - A PBS lesson on different ways to see 1/2
Parts of a Whole - Divide a circle into parts
Pattern Blocks - Online pattern blocks (click "Java")
No Matter What Shape - Fraction questions with pattern blocks
Compare Fractions - Online comparison calculator
Fraction Bars - Fraction bars and lessons

Additional Resources
Harcourt Math - A math glossary and activities from Harcourt Publishers
Math Playground - A world of math activities and games
AllMath.com - Links, glossary, flashcards, and more
Create-A-Graph - Make graphs online
Math World - Nearly anything math online
Cool Math - A vibrant and fun math site
Teach R Kids Math - Online worksheets and timed drills covering tons of topics
PBS CyberChase - PBS Site with math games
King's Math - links to online lessons, activities, parent help, and more
NCES Kids - National Center for Education Statistics site with several math games
Dr. Math - Ask an expert site
Math2.org - Math reference tables
ABC Teach - Math worksheets and activities
KidsBank - Online financial learning for kids

Course of Study
1.) Demonstrate number sense by comparing and ordering decimals to hundredths and whole numbers to 999,999.
2.) Write money amounts in words and dollar-and-cent notation.
3.) Rename improper fractions as mixed numbers and mixed numbers as improper fractions.
4.) Demonstrate addition and subtraction of fractions with common denominators.
5.) Round whole numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand and decimals to the nearest tenth.
6.) Solve problems, including word problems, that involve addition and subtraction of four-digit numbers with and without regrouping.
7.) Solve problems, including word problems, involving the basic operations of multiplication and division on whole numbers through two-digit multipliers and one-digit divisors.
8.) Recognize equivalent forms of commonly used fractions and decimals.9.) Write number sentences for word problems that involve multiplication or division.
10.) Complete addition and subtraction number sentences with a missing addend or subtrahend.
11.) Identify triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, or octagons based on the number of sides, angles, and vertices.
12.) Find locations on a map or grid using ordered pairs.
13.) Calculate elapsed time in hours and minutes.