Grade 3

Reading Street Unit 1

Reading Street Unit 2

Reading Street Unit 3

Language Arts Skills

1.) Apply advanced phonetic analysis to multiple-syllable words, including consonants, short vowels, blends, long vowel markers, and r-controlled vowels

2.) Demonstrate reading vocabulary knowledge of compound words.

3.) Use a wide range of strategies, including using context clues and predicting outcomes, to comprehend third-grade recreational reading materials in a variety of genres.

4.) Use a wide range of strategies and skills, including retelling information, using context clues, and making inferences to identify main idea, to comprehend third-grade informational and functional reading materials.
5.) Compare poetry, folktales, and fables in respect to their genre characteristics.
6.) Recognize linguistic and cultural similarities and differences in multicultural literature.
7.) Compare fictional characters and events to real-life experiences.
8.) Use text features to guide interpretation of expository texts, including italics, headings, maps, and charts.
9.) Compose narrative texts using an introductory paragraph, specific time frames, clear sequencing of events, and a conclusion.
10.) Apply mechanics in writing, including capitalization of proper nouns and titles of people and appropriate end marks, abbreviations, and commas with dates.
11.) Recognize nouns, verbs, pronouns, conjunctions, and adjectives in written texts.
12.) Demonstrate retrieval skills needed to research a topic.

13.) Demonstrate the ability to follow multistep oral directions.
14.) Demonstrate eye contact, articulation, and appropriate voice intonation with oral narrative presentations.

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