Multiplication Story Power Point
3rd Grade Math

1.) Demonstrate number sense by comparing, ordering, and expanding whole numbers through 9999.

2.) Solve addition and subtraction problems, including word problems, involving two- and three-digit numbers with and without regrouping.

3.) Multiply whole numbers with and without regrouping using single-digit multipliers.

4.) Divide whole numbers using two-digit dividends and one-digit divisors.
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5.) Model equivalent fractions with concrete objects or pictorial representations.

6.) Use coins to make change up to $1.00.

7.) Complete a given numeric or geometric pattern.

8.) Identify geometric representations for points, lines, perpendicular lines, parallel lines, angles, and rays.

9.) Specify locations on a coordinate grid by using horizontal and vertical movements.

10.) Measure length in metric units.

11.) Determine elapsed time to the day with calendars and to the hour with a clock.

12.) Recognize data as either categorical or numerical.
13.) Determine the likelihood of different outcomes in a simple experiment.