Reading Street Resources

Scott Foresman Big Book


1.) Demonstrate phonological skills, including manipulating sounds and words of the English language and identifying syllables in two- and three-syllable words.
2.) Apply phonetic strategies to decode unfamiliar and multisyllable words using graphophonemic clues and letter-sound correspondences, including diphthongs and digraphs.
3.) Exhibit vocabulary skills, including explaining simple common antonyms and synonyms and using descriptive words.

4.) Demonstrate comprehension of second-grade reading materials across the curriculum, including drawing simple conclusions, classifying ideas and things, identifying sequence, and retelling directions and information from informational and functional reading materials.
5.) Read with fluency passages containing complex sentences.
6.) Differentiate among folktales, tall tales, fables, realistic fiction, and other narrative texts.
7.) Explain how authors use text features to identify key and supporting ideas in informational texts.
8.) Organize sentences into a paragraph to address a topic or tell a story.
9.) Demonstrate correct use of question marks and capitalization of names, months, days of the week, and holidays in written expression.

10.) Use concrete nouns and action verbs in written communication.

11.) Write words and sentences legibly with proper spacing in manuscript.
12.) Utilize research skills to collect and record information on a specific topic.
13.) Locate information in reference material using alphabetical order.

14.) Respond to various types of literature read aloud.
15.) Select appropriate voice tone, gestures, and facial expression to enhance meaning.

Reading Street Resources
Unit 1
-Iris and Walter

-Exploring Space

-Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night

-A Walk in the Desert

The Strongest One

Unit 2
Tara and Tiree

Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat

Turtle's Race with Beaver

The Bremen Town Musicians

A Turkey for Thanksgiving

Unit 3
Pearl and Wagner

Dear Juno

Anasi Goes Fishing

Rosa and Blanca

A Weed is a Flower

Unit 4
The Quilt Story

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin


I Like Where I am

Hellen Keller

Unit 5

One Dark Night

  • Bad Dog Dodger

  • Horace and Morris but Mostly Dolores

  • The Signmaker's Assistant

Unit 6

  • Just Like Josh Gibson

  • Red, White, and Blue

  • A Birthday Basket for Tia

  • Cowboys

  • Jingle Dancer

Extra Sites
This website is interactive online games for all subjects. I used it yesterday for plotting points on a grid.